Neotech has produced turnkey and intelligent security solution for open spaces using Videofied technology.
Technology offered, no wired power No need for source and telephone line.
Alarms can be verified with camera motion detectors and problems caused by false alarms can be prevented.
Practical plug / disconnect structure can be easily transported.
With the rental model, you can purchase the service you need periodically, you can return the products when your need expires.

Application Areas

  • Construction Sites
  • Garbage and Separation Centers
  • Galleries
  • Electric Transformers
  • GSM Base Stations
  • Oil and Water Wells
  • Mining Quarries
  • Additional Security Needs for Guard Services

How the System Works?

1. Discovery & amp; Analysis

Expert Neotech technicians listen to the needs of their customers, perform field exploration and prepare the risk analysis report.

2. Installation & amp; Installation

Fully wireless system is easily and quickly installed.

The alarm system is installed at the times determined by wireless proxy reader or automatic programming. System and wireless sirens are activated.

3. Intrusion

In case of intrusion, 10 seconds video will be recorded automatically; notification is sent to the alarm monitoring center or mobile phone.

4. Identification

Thanks to the transmitted video, decision makers start the first response by analyzing whether the alarm is real or fake, triggering a flasher siren, light or other connected device remotely.

5. Arrest

If the perpetrators are still in the protected area, law enforcement officers arrive at the scene and arrest people according to the information provided by the alarm monitoring center.5

6. Disassembly & amp; Invoice

Service fee is billed in monthly periods during the period of use.

Upon the request of the customer whose need expires, the system is disassembled and the service procurement process is terminated.