Alarm Monitoring Center

NEOTECH ALARM MONITORING centre of the expert team, with 24-hour monitoring. Security Alarm monitoring center within the circle to the desired location, which is mounted Electronic security Alarm system with a variety of communication (Contact ID , SIA, 4-2, etc.) formats, thanks to a 24-hour uninterrupted by communicating signals received from the system in a very short time and evaluates pre-determined scenarios within the framework of the required units (Police,gendarmerie,the Subscriber,fire brigade,etc.) reports.

The Neotech Alarm Monitoring Center serves as a comprehensive call center that responds instantly to all calls.

The installed security system works on the basis of sending the alarm signal to the recipients in the center in cases such as theft, robbery, fire, flooding, gas leakage, emergency health problems. it performs uninterrupted service 24/365 days.

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