Electronic Inspection System

EDS: Electronic Inspection System is an inspection system developed to control traffic flow and improve transportation, to ensure that urban life is in accordance with the rules, within the standards, to prevent accidents caused by vehicles that violate the rules in traffic and to ensure the safety of life and property. Another of the most important features of EDS (Electronic Audit System ), which is a fully technology-supported system, is that it can be integrated into smartphones.
EDS covers the detection of vehicles that violate the rules through sensors, the detection of the license plate of the vehicle with image processing software and the punishment provided for in the relevant law.
The electronic inspection system is used to detect vehicles that have committed a speed violation. This system, which works together with Mobile cameras, also detects vehicles passing through a red light.
The EDS system is managed from a centralized system. All photos and data are archived in this center. The archives can be removed and examined as a result of the objections made.

The Structure Of The System

Automatic detection of vehicles that violate the rules in electronic form
Performing the recording and storage functions of the detected violation images in accordance with the retrospective query structure
Plate detection on a digital image,
Ensuring the security of violation images using digital signature techniques,
All EDS applications can be managed from a single center, have automatic violation detection,
Making inquiries according to license plate, violation, time, region information,
Keeping and reporting all data recorded in violation in a secure environment.

General Characteristics of the System

Parametric video recording of violations december the desired time interval,
7x24 hours of continuous video storage,
Real-time, centralized monitoring of established violation detection points,
The use of advanced technology for the validation and security of the violation image,
An architectural structure that can be easily renewed and expanded in the face of the new situation, conditions and needs that have arisen,
Independent Dual disk design in the system to ensure system stability and recording reliability,
The use of DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera technology and Machine Vision technology for viewing at the highest resolution and quality,
Seamless compatibility and operability with all communication systems (DSL, Fiber, Wimax, 3G/4G, GSM/GPRS, RF),
Automatic Penalty Invoice, Summary punishment reports and all reports required by Police departments, as well as the ability to edit the invoice format for each type of violation,
The ability to track criminal violation records using web and mobile (Smartphone) technologies,
The use of industrial products resistant to all kinds of outdoor environments and weather conditions,
Ability to apply a virtual detector using an Image Processing technique, obtaining information such as vehicle counting, vehicle classification, pedestrian detection, average speed with a high accuracy rate,
Ability to take a color and high-quality violation photo even at night and in low light conditions with white light technology,
Using InfraRed technology, the ability to take a black-and-white violation photo, the quality of which can be adjusted at night and in low light conditions,
The possibility of storing violation images for a long time both in special warehouses located in the application center and on my local site installed on the site,
Advanced all-video encoding of infringing images (MPEG4, H264,etc.b.) transmitting to the center using techniques,
All operations are performed by central software without the need for a hardware decoder so that live images can be viewed on the central side.
The ability to learn using artificial intelligence technologies in a License Plate Recognition System,
Detailed listing operations according to the region, december range, type of violation, if a penalty has been applied, no penalty has been applied,
Vehicle query, address information query (Polnet Integration) by automatically connecting to the safety database when the necessary entry rights are provided,
Automatic creation, automatic provision of all databases and tables belonging to the violation detection system and the ability of independent custom database management software,
Violation detection with high accuracy rates using magnetic loop, RF, Laser and image processing techniques in violation detection technologies,
Ability to conduct queries and reports according to the license plate, intersection, date, december of the region and in connection with each other,
The system performs plate reading and identification in more than one type. It can read and identify manually, read and identify automatically and according to motion, read and identify using a sensor,
Secure file access (FTP and HTTPS) via the Central application,
In accordance with the ”EDS CLOUD TECHNOLOGY", 12 separate violation detection systems can be used on the same application in the center,
ANPR-Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR-Automatic Number Plate Recognition) can be performed on the central application,
Dec System management structure; EDS system has application-specific software such as user interface, database management software, Communication system,
Time planning technology that provides time-dependent operation or pause in all EDS systems,
Detailed (date, time, location, speed, rule-out rate...) violation information on all EDS systems.
Standards, Documents, Safety Protection Class Documents
The EDS Product has IP55 and IP65 Protection class certificates separately.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

The EDS Product has been passed and certified with successful results from EMC Tests.
The TSE standards for EDS are as follows: TS 13788 (Average Speed Measurement Equipment – OED) and TS 13789 (Red Light Violation Detection Equipment – KITD).

Electronic Inspection Systems

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