Red Light Violation Detection System

IRed Light Violation Detection System

Red light violation detection system, signalized intersections prevent accidents caused by red-light violation and breach of the tools that have been developed with the aim of detecting system. 
Red Light Violation Detection System Features
• Violation of the detection process, the appropriate signal from the transmitter junction or roundabout by the controller to control the color of burnt and evaluation is done with the information from detectors. All these parameters are obtained by combining the verification for a violation is reported to the image recording unit so that the chance of errors is eliminated. 
• Violation of the detection process, the rear direction of the vehicle so as to constitute evidence that the offender repeatedly carried out with photographs taken. 
• Violation of traffic signal transmitter in the image are displayed in a distinctive red color. 
• adjustable to desired length for each violation violate the parametric video is recorded. 
• 24 hours of continuous video recording taken by the system. 
• Violation of the moment the arrest is carried out at a maximum of 20 milliseconds. 
• Violation of paintings by law to carry proof of value by means of digital signatures to guarantee the authenticity of the picture is taken. 
• Violation of detail photos in high resolution infringement by pulling all the details clearly visible. 
• If desired, the camera can be changed by resolution of the displayed area. 
• The digital camera technology, the ability to take high-resolution photo series. 
• Single-system and multi-lane violation detection feature.