Periodic Maintenance Services

Periodic maintenance services troubleshooting, periodic maintenance and spare parts supply services to provide. 
 7days, 24hrs solution services, maintenance services agreement (of spare parts and spare-slip) for certain periods of regular maintenance services, spare parts supply, troubleshooting and monitoring, remote or local services are provided. 

 Periodic maintenance services, manufacturers recommendations and institutions to the needs of the solutions generated by institutions using their products, the most effective, appropriate working environment to be active use prolongs the life, the failure rate to be reduced, and hardware and software tracking of admissibility provides. 
• Routine maintenance in certain periods 
• Infrastructure controls 
• Hardware-to-date version checks 
• Hardware connection controls 
• Operating system update checks 
• Error messages and solutions of the controls 
• Backup systems controls 
• System and network security controls 
Making current and future costs and disruptions that may occur in the process and errors are minimized.