Network Data Infrastructure Solutions

What is a Network (Network)?

They are systems that allow users to share hardware and software resources on computers and other network-based systems. Basically, we can divide the network structure into two parts in the form of Network Infrastructure, Active Devices.

What is the Network Infrastructure?

The network infrastructure includes passive components that connect computers, such as Cables, Cabinets, Panels, Sockets, Cable Channels.

What are the Active Devices?

Active Devices are electronic devices that provide communication on the network infrastructure. These are devices, Computers (server, client, etc.) and the software running on them (e-mail server, web server, dns server, etc.) Devices that manage network traffic, such as hubs/switches/routers/firewalls. Devices that deliver a hardware or service to users on the network, such as a print server. These are devices such as wireless network devices. Communication, authorization, sharing, security on the network is provided by these devices and the software running on them.Neotech Technology offers UTEPO and SEC-ON Network Switch group products to our customers.

Network Installation Services

As Neotech Technology, we provide the following services related to the network components listed above under the headings of network infrastructure and active devices. Designing the network structure, Cable channels, sockets, network cables (UTP, Fiber Optic, etc.), installation of electrical infrastructure, Installation of network devices, cabinets, panels, Installation of network devices, setting up, operating, Installation of network server operating systems (such as Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Novell Netware Server). Setting up Network and Internet services (setting up services such as active directory, novell nds, dns, web server, exchange server, SQL server) Setting up network and Internet services, editing (User authorization; file, printer, etc. sharing of resources, etc. ).

Wireless Networks (Wireless Networks)

The concept of mobility that has emerged with the spread of mobile devices today has also led to the birth of new network structures. Users can now stop being dependent on their desks and access the internet with wireless networks in the office, at home, in a cafe or at the airport, and continue their daily work without being dependent on the office. Users can easily access networks with their PCs carrying a new generation of wireless network cards. Companies are shifting from wired system investments to wireless systems. The main advantage of this is the difficulties in changing the terminations in wired networks and the fact that it eliminates the need for users to work dependent on certain points. The problem of expanding local area networks and increasing ports on active devices is also over. In addition, the coverage area of the network can be increased in terms of kilometers by using internal and external antenna units. Neotech Teknoloji offers solutions with UTEPO branded Wide-area wireless network equipment, and we save you from unnecessary wiring in your office with a wireless network installation service. Before the Wireless Network is installed, the necessary wireless network elements are decided by conducting tests and research with a field visit. According to this list of elements, network installation and management are being projected. If desired, we provide remote network management services for the wireless network that has been installed.