Intercom Systems

Intercom systems have ceased to be a luxury and have become important for the security of the residence where we live. Intercom systems allow you to have voice and video conversations with your site, building, apartment entrance. You can monitor your environmental safety by viewing the security cameras around the building via intercom devices, your car in the parking lot or your child in the playground. At the same time, you can establish voice communication with apartments in your apartment.
Our video intercom systems can also be integrated with CCTV and alarm systems. This provides protection for video intercom products used in residential areas or commercial premises that require higher levels of security.

They are mutual communication systems that include images and sound. In addition to security, the living space provides ease of use and is often used in smart buildings.

One of the most important and priority advantages within the scope of IP Intercom systems will be the possibility of a large, multi-participant and nested network environment. The Intercom system promises a versatile user experience thanks to the advanced network environment option. With the possibility of expanding the environment, the participant limit can be increased to the maximum level, especially in areas such as multi-structure sites. Regardless of the width of the environment, all participants can communicate with each other quickly, effectively and qualitatively through IP Intercom.

Other features;

• High image quality from the camera
• Recording and storing the video
• High sound quality even on noisy streets
* Remote control via the common mobile application
* Simplified configuration
• Optional wall or under-plaster mounting

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