It is established in order to inform the fire cases and to prevent the growth of the fire cases by intervening when necessary. It is configured to use alarm, control and communication functions together by detecting a fire situation that may occur in open and closed areas through detectors. Fire, explosion, or poisoning caused by substances such as smoke, toxic, choking, flammable or explosive gases; flammable liquids and vapours, such as fire, explosion or poisoning, early warning and notification systems are provided for the design and equipment of the project.

How Do Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems Work?

If we look at the study of fire alarm and detection systems, fire alarm systems, fire detectors, flame detectors, heat detectors and central fire detection and fire alarm buttons are connected thanks to quickly detect as soon as the alarm panel are forwarded to. After that, the relevant units are notified and the extinguishing systems are alerted in certain ways to ensure that systems such as electricity and gas that may cause danger in the event of a fire are disconnected.
In general, the operation of these systems occurs when smoke detectors detect smoke or heat detection sensors detect heat increases. Fire alarm and detection systems are systems that detect a possible fire situation and activate the necessary alarm system to save time at the time of evacuation.
There is a fire panel in fire alarm systems. This panel works by evaluating alerts from detection elements such as detectors and buttons and activating sirens and flashers, which are warning elements.


  • Conventional Fire Detection Systems
  • Fire Notification Systems With Analog Address
  • Fire Alarm Panel
  • Optical Smoke Detector
  • Fixed Temperature Detectors
  • Heat Transfer Rate Detector
  • The Multi-Sensor Photo Detectors
  • Gas(gas/LPG) detectors
  •  Beam Detectors
  • CO detection detectors
  • Flame Spark Detectors
  • Exproof
  • Line Heat Detection
  • Siren and warning light
  • Air sampling detection systems

Conventional Fire Detection Systems

Conventional fire detection and alarm systems used in small and medium-sized projects can report the source of the fire on a regional basis. Optical smoke detectors, beam-type smoke detectors, temperature and multisensor detectors are able to quickly and effectively detect when a fire occurs.

Intelligent Addressable Fire Detection Systems

Intelligent addressable fire detection and alarm systems, which are often used in large and medium-sized projects and smart buildings, are able to point-by-point report where the fire has occurred. Optical smoke detectors, beam-type smoke detectors, temperature and multisensory detectors are capable of quickly and effectively detecting fire. Addressable natural gas and LPG detectors can detect gas leakage occurring in the neighborhood and prevent a possible danger. Sirens, flashers and sirens with flashers, which are also available in weatherproof models, are able to warn people in the building audibly and visually in case of a fire.

What is a Smoke Detector?

A smoke detector is a device that detects and signals smoke, heat, light, or gas that is a sign of a fire. These devices, which are the first step in fire detection, are also the first requirement of the safety of life and property. Detectors that react to heat and light are mainly used for homes and offices. Those that react to smoke, on the other hand, are used in places where there are dense crowds.

How Does the Smoke Detector Work?

The smoke detector is based on giving a signal when it detects smoke, heat or light above the normal level. In order for the detector to become active, it must necessarily be stimulated by a stimulus. According to the location of the detector, it either signals to those inside the space or to alarm monitoring centers. Conventional sirens, flashers and sirens with flashers, which are also available in weatherproof models, are able to warn people in the building audibly and visually in case of a fire.


It complies with all the regulations contained in the EU Union Standards.

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