Hemzemın securıty systems

Early Warning System (HEGEUS)

Early warning system prevents possible accidents by informing the trains approaching the gate in advance about the current status of the passage. A warning message is generated by the hand terminals placed in the mechanistic cabin by detecting foreign objects or living things on the hemesemin passage by hegeus. Thus, the system gives the mechanic the time needed to slow down the machine by stimulating the machine with sound and visual messages.

The system consists of three main parts:

Event and object detection camera
Hegeus Software Center
Hand terminals

Hegeus Working Principle

The data from the event detection and image transfer camera is processed and transmitted to both the central methis system and to the terminals of trains related to the gate. The display screen software detects the location of the train using GPS data. If the train is closer than 1.5 km to the gate of a system, it shows the image and alarm information on the screen. If there is an alarm, voice warning is given. The cameras automatically generate alarms in case of entry of any object in the hemesemin gate that will affect the course of the train. In this way, the mechanic is aware of a dangerous situation and can adjust the speed of the train.

Hegeus Software Center

Hegeus system control, configure, if necessary, web-based software that will serve as a remote intervention to the system Metis, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc ..  it works seamlessly with popular web browsers.
The software has a user-authority profile in 3 categories with the most general version. These are the administrator interface, operator interface and general interface. According to the authority of these users, map usage, scale change, zoom-out and (A0-A4as) with the logo of the administration features are able to receive letterhead output. The software in the handheld terminals allows the user to map the location of the train by changing the image of the hemlock on the screen after the train passes through the hemlock passage and distances to a certain distance.