Camera Security Systems


 Closed-loop system starting from analog to IP and remote access support and implement high-tech systems with intelligent software that we are in an epoch. Integrated working and constantly renewing itself are producing quality projects using the system. As general characteristics;• Development of sustainable and expandable systems,

• The terms of the external environment, durable designs,
• Encoding of the data at different speeds and the ability to transfer,
• Data monitoring, recording and transferring to different environments,
• Can be integrated, and easy-to-manage software,
• Video analytic systems with active data acquisition (object counting, zone, etc.),
• Multicast broadcast (multicast support),
• The image of an Intranet, the Internet and social media such as TV with sharing,
• Camera with alternative energy systems to be executed.

System Solutions 
• Camera Systems Design,
Installation and Maintenance,

Control Centers Design, Installation and Operation,

  Determination of -System Room Requirements and Installation

• Determining Server and Storage Requirements and Installation

• LCD, LED Industrial Monitor Solutions 
   LED Video Wall (DLP) solutions, 
   Network Planning and Installation
• Communication System Solutions; 
  Fiber Optic 
  LTE / 4G 
  R / L Radio Link 
  Out of Satellite Communications 

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