Burglar Alarm Systems, Detection Systems

Burglar alarm systems, detection systems

An alarm system is an electronic security system that allows you to notify others (Alarm Monitoring Center, owner, neighbors) and call for help in cases such as theft, threat, extortion, fire, health problems of a home or workplace. Alarm monitoring centers direct the message coming to them from the panel to the user, police, fire department, ambulance according to the type. AIM does this for an annual subscription fee, constantly monitors the system, and also directs it for maintenance when necessary.
The security system is created by integrating selected electronic parts into each other in accordance with the location of the place to be installed, the wishes and lifestyle of the customer, the allocated budget. The system detects and alarms unwanted situations, notifies the environment with siren and light during the alarm, the user and AIM with automatic phone dec. To detect the opening of doors and windows, the detection of moving organisms in the environment, glass breakage, and damage detection of gas leaks, the detection of smoke and high heat, panic-threat-fire buttons are the elements that identify the unwanted situations to the alarm system. According to the user's life scenario, it is decided which of them will be detected as an alarm and when those in which area will be detected, and the system is created according to the results of reconnaissance, which takes into account possible attack routes and dangers. Users can set up and solve alarms by entering a password on the keypad (keypad), connecting to the remote phone, automatically at any time, or using a special RF remote control.

The alarm system consists of five main parts.

* Sensors-detectors,
* Alarm panel,
* Stimulants,
* System control-control tools,
• The connection between them is decoupled.

Sensors include PIR motion detector, microwave motion detector, IR barrier motion detector, magnetic contact, push buttons, glass break detector, impact detector, gas detector, smoke detector, waterlogging detector, etc. they can be of different types. When they detect it, they change the position of a contact.
Alarm panels are diversified with features such as the number of zone inputs used to connect a detector, the number of users, the number of keypads that can be connected, the number of managed partitions, and accessories that can be connected. There are several types of entrances and exits. It has backup resources that come into play during power outages. Stimulants; siren, flasher, phone dialing and GSM modules, etc. dec they are audible and visual warning elements. They can work with various forms of triggers, have anti-sabotage equipment and backup energy sources. System control-control tools; keypad(keypad) with writing screen or light, IR or RF remote controls, telephone, computer, etc. they are tools. The decoupling between these system parts can be wired or wireless.
The wireless connection in the front panel or wireless detector detectors that can be recognized by the plant number of the recipient, the level of encryption of communication, variable code, and give them the challenge of being immune to radio interference, the tamper detectors, battery status, ability to send information, such as healthy study report, the panel of the power plant to be deaf or notify mix sabotage the radio, RF detector packages are the fundamental criteria information so they do not conflict with each other.

Wireless Video Security;VIDEOOFIED 

​Videofied alarm panels have been a new breakthrough in the electronic security systems market for 10 years. New generation products allow you to distinguish between color video and fake alarms. At the time of Capture, the camera motion detector comes in and records a 10-second color video. The video is instantly transmitted to your mobile phone.The user can examine the video instantly, analyze the situation and make the most appropriate decision to provide the necessary intervention. Within the wireless camera motion detector (imv), there are two infrared LEDs for sensor, camera and night vision. Through radio frequency communication, Videofied products can be installed easily. Data transmission is not required, communication is provided over the IP/LAN OU GPRS network. Ergonomically and practically, end users can remotely control their systems : capture photos / videos, install / shut down the system, access events.
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