Emergency Evacuation Announcement Systems

Emergency announcement and voice-over systems are used to broadcast music in buildings and evacuate people in emergency situations.

While the aim of the music broadcast is to provide a pleasant ambiance in the volumes where people are present, the aim of the emergency announcement is to ensure that people are safely evacuated from the environment.

The size of the places where the systems will be installed, the number of zones, the acoustic structure of the volumes and the requests determine the structure of the system. It is possible to install systems of different sizes from a single zone, hundreds of zones, from a single announcement point to hundreds of announcement points.

According to the “Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings”, emergency announcement systems must be used in all hotels with a capacity of more than 200 beds, in all buildings with a construction area of more than 5000 m2 or the number of users exceeds 1000 people, and in all buildings with a height exceeding 51.5 m.

The installed systems can be integrated with systems such as fire detection and alarm, flight information systems used at airports, automatic announcements and information messages can be pre-programmed and delivered to the system.

The aim of the voice-over systems is not only to ensure that music can be broadcast and announced, but also to ensure that it is in accordance with standards, understandable, safe and works full-time 24/7. Jul.

As Neotech Technology, we provide our customers with a wide product portfolio ranging from a simple analog system to multi-functional digital systems in addition to providing all applicable international security standards in the systems we have installed.