About us

about us

Our company was established in 2009 in Istanbul in order to operate in security technologies, weak current systems, sales, service and project commitment. Combining the state-of-the-art technology and the sector experience, it has set off with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction and operates with its qualified and strong economic structure in Turkey and abroad.

With time production and service network has expanded its service network in Turkey as well as having a channel structure has been considerable throughout.

It has positioned smart systems in many cities by leading the way in today's technologies, active and fast developing systems. Smart Traffic Systems, Urban Security Systems and Alarm Management Systems are among the leading companies.

The system, R & D and software support of the group companies is increasing the strength and flexibility of our company day by day.

Our company will continue to implement new generation technologies in Turkey and abroad by supporting the systems with the right service and fast service with the expert staff and technician personnel. To examine the introduction catalog of our company CLICK HERE...